Cleaning your makeup off of your face is an important step in your skincare routine It leaves your feeling fresh, clean, and you have a fresh blank canvas for the next morning! I’m going to tell you about my experiences with the Conair True Glow Facial Brush.

When I first found this little gem I was pretty excited I had something other than just a clean rag to wash my face with. It got the makeup off so good! I can get into the shower and wash my eye makeup off, and try to get some makeup off with my hands. Afterward, I will take the facial brush and it deep cleans my face and gets the makeup! When you’re thinking your makeup is gone usually there is some left over in your skin. But, this gets it all out!

The brush hydrates, cleanses and exfoliates your face all at the same time. There is an automatic timer on it that will tell you to move to another part of your face every 10 seconds. You’re getting all that makeup, nasty dirt, oils, all that build up off your face! It’s wonderful, Y’all. It leaves my skin so soft. Pair this and some moisturizer together and your face is going to feel like a babies bottom! Your welcome.

A plus. It’s also not going to cost you an arm and a leg. Your welcome again. hehe.

How the brush is made is also nice. It is small enough that you can travel with it easily and it doesn’t take up much room in your bathroom! it will come with extra brush heads in the package but don’t let your kiddos know that! They will run off with them as mine did! hehe, so it is nice that they come with extra just in case your sweet babies take off with them!

So. That’s pretty much my review. It is simple and straight to the point! I’m going to add a bonus for y’all and tell y’all why it is important to keep your face clean.

Keeping a clean face is just good. Throughout the day you get oily, you get bacteria on your face, grease from your lunch/dinner. Anything really when you are out in public.

Cleaning your skin actually helps your pores. If you just stopped washing then the obvious would happen you are going to have a dirty, oily face. Your pores would become clogged and then you would get acne. And nobody has time for acne.

If your anything like me you hate washing laundry. I hate tearing my bed down just to wash sheets. hehe. Going to bed with a dirty face can just make your bed dirty. You can get makeup on your pillowcase, sheets, and blankets.

Washing your face can reduce wrinkles! When you are exposed to everyday things(sun rays, pollution) it can be harsh. So at night when you wash your face it doesn’t stay on your face and cause more damage.

Hope this helps you in your journey to clean, glowing, beautiful faces! if you have any questions about anything, id love to chat with you!