There are always struggles when it comes to doing makeup. Don’t worry! we all come across something we just can’t get the hang of. I’ve put this list together that has helped my makeup journey tons! Even if you don’t use them all hopefully one or two can help you out!20-tips-tricks

Here are the best makeup tips and tricks I have come across that I would love to share with you!

1. If you are traveling and misplaced or forgotten a brush, or your lovely kiddos (like mine do all the time) run off with your eye shadow brush. You can always grab a Q-tip and get the job done! As far as blending they aren’t the best, but you could always use your fingers to help you blend.

2. Spray your eye shadows with setting spray to help get your boring eye shadows an extra pop! The metallic shimmery ones aren’t showing up as you would like this should definitely do the trick. It will transform your eye shadows like crazy!

3. Grab a credit card or any card you have lying around and use it as a guide to apply your eyeliner and get a sharp wing! Here is a 2 for 1 because I like to throw those in for y’all. You can also use tape to do this too. Just make sure that you put the tape down on your hand first to remove some stickiness. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and the tape can be a little harsh.

4. You can make your pencil eyeliners into gel liners. All you have to do is grab a lighter and heat up your eyeliner. Not to the point of where it will scald your eyes. Just to where it makes it a little softer and it will glide a lot easier!

5. So you’re having a really good makeup day, everything’s going perfect until…. your mascara it gets on your nose, or maybe your eyelid. What you can do is, grab an eyebrow spooly and gently scratch it off. This way you don’t have to take that makeup off by trying to wipe it away!

6. If false eyelashes are a struggle to get on. Then one thing that can help is after you apply the glue and your waiting for it to get tacky bend the lash band to mimic your natural eye shape and it should go on a lot easier.

7. To make your foundation, blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter melt together and be flawless. Douse your face in setting spray and wait for it to dry. You don’t want to do this after you do your eye makeup because it could run. You don’t want to ruin that beautiful masterpiece!

8. There is nothing worse than having your foundation not match your neck. I mean does anyone really have a face and neck that match perfectly? hehe. While doing your foundation just make sure you bring it down your neck to make everything seem put together!

9. If you have a lot of problematic areas then the last thing you want to do is add shimmery things on top of those. It will just bring all the attention to those areas and enhance them. So stick to matte things when It comes to those areas.

10. When you’re doing your eyebrows and get to the front of them. Use light feathery strokes to create the look of real brow hairs. You also don’t want to use too much product on the front of your brows because that could make them look too drawn on. No one likes sharpie brows. hehe.

11. Eye shadow isn’t just for your eyes! You can use it as your blush, bronzer, or highlighter! I love matching my eyes and my cheeks! super cute!! Just get creative with your makeup! It’s yours, do what you want!

12. Apply some eye shadow on top of your eyeliner to lock it in place so it doesn’t run everywhere. This tricks also helps it to look more matte and appear a little darker if that’s what you’re going for.

13. Just because your mascara is gone doesn’t mean you have to throw your favorite brush out! There are times when you’re going to find the perfect formula of mascara but you don’t like the wand and vice versa. Keep your wand and use it in your favorite mascara!

14. Don’t you hate getting lipstick on your teeth and not knowing? Yeah, me too. After doing your lipstick make a fishy face and take your CLEAN index finger or whatever finger of your choice and stick it in your mouth then pull it out. You should have the lipstick that would get on your teeth on your finger!

15. Light is your best friend when it comes to doing your makeup. You may think your makeup looks perfect in the bathroom but then when you walk outside it’s not what it was in the bathroom. Natural light is where it’s at. Sit in front of a window or get you a mirror that mimics natural light. Definitely a makeup game changer.

16. Find out if your skin tone is warm or cool. Warm shades can be too orange and make you look like an Oompa Loompa on cool toned skin, and cool shades can make you look dirty if you have warm toned skin. Always important to know your skin tone when doing makeup!

17. Run your lash curler under warm water to make your eyelashes curl better and last longer. Just make sure to dry it off before using it! You can also use your hair dryer to do this too. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

18. Do not share your makeup ladies and gentlemen. You don’t know where someone else’s face has been. You can get pink eye and all other sorts of problems. Don’t share someone else’s germs and bacteria.

19. There is nothing worse than wanting to wear your favorite liquid lip and having dry, Cracked, Crusty lips! A toothbrush and a DIY sugar scrub can help this! just get some coconut oil and sugar of choice and your lips will be soft and you can go rock that lip!

20. To get that gorgeous glow, you can add a couple of drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation to give you a nice healthy glow.

I hope these have helped you out in your makeup journey in some way and you have learned something new!