applying-lipstickRegardless of whether you feel like you’re okay with doing makeup, you think you look like a clown when your done, or you think you have snatched that makeup look. Everyone needs some makeup brushes to help them! I am going to tell you about some basic professional makeup brushes you need to add to your collection and why I think its important to have them!

Brushes Over Your Fingers Or Hands

Makeup is an art, and you of course are the canvas. So you can pretty much do whatever you want with makeup. Do you remember when you first seen makeup and you just slapped some foundation all over your face and you had a terrible uneven coverage?

Don’t get me wrong! Some eye shadows just look so much more beautiful if you use your fingers to put them on. All the brush does is just disperse that beautiful powder! Your hands don’t really soak up any product vs your makeup brush soaking up a little more than you would like but a brush gives you such a pretty, flawless coverage.

But, don’t fear I will be telling you all about my favorite professional makeup brushes that has changed my life!

The Basic Base/Foundation Brush

Now there are LOADS of foundation brushes out there. Stippling brushes, tapered brushes, flat top brushes, the list goes on! Those are all amazing brushes! I love me a good flat top brush that just buffs the foundation flawlessly into my skin! If I was looking for a fantastic foundation brush, The ones I named would do the job effortlessly!

If you watch any makeup tutorials I bet they would use one of those in their routine! That’s where I found my new foundation brush, a flat top buffer brush, that I cannot live without! its perfect! it doesn’t soak up a lot of foundation and it just leaves my foundation flawless and glamorous if I want or flawless and natural if that’s what im feeling that day!

My advice would be to use what works for you though, what works for me may not work for you! Who knows, maybe a blush brush could be your favorite foundation brush! I mean just because it says blush brush doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use it for that purpose!


Eye shadow and Eyebrow Brushes

When it comes to eye shadow brushes im not going to lie. I do a lot of the work with a fluffy blending brush, a flat definer, and a smudging brush, That’s all I need! I even use the fluffy brush to contour my nose sometimes!

If you’ve never used an eye shadow brush before, Then the fluffy blending brush could become your new best friend! its definitely one of mine!

I’ve also come to really love a flat definer brush! I suck at eyeliner so this definitely comes in handy with that! But, like I said earlier you can use any brush for whatever you would like. Just because someone puts a name on it, there really is no specific use for one brush.

I’m going to make this one short and sweet! An angled eyeliner brush is where its at with your brows. It makes it so easy to blend and get those fake hairs at the front and your eyebrows will look perfect when you are done with them!

Favorite Brushes. Contour, Blush, Bronzer, and Highlighting Brushes

No matter what look im going for whether its natural, glam, or just kind of normal. For some reason I just can’t skip the step on putting on my contour, blush, bronzer, and highlighter. And I have to do them all! Let me just tell you about a couple of brushes I’ve found that work like a dream for me.

For contour, I love to use a pointed contour brush! Its just so fluffy, and round, and it gives me the perfect contour every time. Its just so smooth and effortless. Just perfect.

Now bronzer. An angled blush brush has also become a great one to use. I can’t explain really why it works so good for me, it just does! I recommend you give this a try if you haven’t already. It may or may not change the way you apply bronzer! I also use this same brush for my blush. It always turns out looking flawless and blends out perfect!

Highlighter pulls the look together for me. Its like putting on your jewelry after your all done getting dressed. I’ve tried fan brushes before and they work wonders. You can put your highlight exactly where you want and you can glow, girl, glow!

Another one of my favorites is just a fluffy highlighting brush. For me I feel like you can build it up a bit more with this one and its easier to get your nose, and you can really get your glow on! I tend to reach for this one a little more. I may or may not have a highlighter problem!bronzer-brush

Just be yourself!

Makeup is just another form of art and your body is a blank canvas. Just because something doesn’t work for someone else doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, Just because someone hates a makeup brush doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love.

Doing new things can be very intimidating sometimes and it can and will take practice to get to where you want to be. Unless your just that good! people are born with amazing art skills though! so it is possible! I mean ive been doing makeup for a while now and I still can’t do eyeliner to save my life! (but that flat definer sure came in handy, hehe!)

My advice to anyone interested in makeup is to just do your own thing, be yourself. Who cares if someone doesn’t like your makeup! They put there’s on how the liked this morning and so did you. If you want to go out and rock a bold lip AND a bold eye then you go girl, I applaud you!