I hate using a dirty brush to apply my makeup. There is nothing like having a clean makeup brush when putting your makeup on and getting ready to tackle the day!

Put your comfy clothes on, put your favorite songs on, and get to cleaning them brushes at home your face will thank you.


assorted-brushesWhy do you need to properly clean makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes you use for your concealer or foundation build up faster. So, i would say you should wash those more often than your powder brushes. Wash them all regularly though. hehe.

Washing them also helps prevent the spread of bacteria all over your face. Especially if your prone to acne break outs. You want to keep your face as clean as possible! It also just gives you an over all better application of makeup!

running some water and a little soap is just going to wash some makeup out. You want to really get in there and use some elbow grease, clean your makeup brushes good!

Make sure you massage the cleaner into your brushes and get all that cakey mess out of there!

The good ol shampoo and conditioner method!

Im not saying that brush cleaner isn’t the way to go but if you’re pinching pennies and you need your brushes clean this is the ways to go!

So, get your brush wet, lather up and get it good and soapy and get to massaging! its so satisfying to me watching all the makeup come out of the brush and seeing it back to its original color!

When your done washing all the makeup out of your brushes go ahead and add a little conditioner into them to help keep them soft! not everyone does this. But, i like to add in this little step. My brushes just feel so much softer after!

Actual brush cleaner

There really isn’t much to say on this one. A brush cleaner from the store will clean all the dirt, oil, makeup, all the buildup in the brush, and condition it. All you need is this one product and it will do it all for you!

you can either get these in a liquid form or a solid form. Solid forms are more easily to travel with but you need to allow them to dry before putting the lid back on them and storing them! i have used both and i would say that i like both of these!

I like to use a sold on my sponges and powder brushes. Powders don’t tend to build up as much as liquids and they wash out easier than creams do.

Sterilizing your brushes!

think it is a good idea to use a little alcohol on your brushes to help get rid of any bacteria left over on your brushes if your going with the shampoo and conditioner.

Be careful doing this with your brushes though because not all brushes can take this. A natural brush can dry out and break a lot easier than a synthetic brush so i may not use it on my natural brushes because of this reason.

Synthetic brushes don’t harbor bacteria because of the anti-bacterial bristles they have. But, i still use a little alcohol on them anyways.

Natural brushes on the other hand. When you use a cleaner, it will disinfect the brushes while cleaning them. I say i sterilize every time but honestly sometimes i over look that step. So, i wouldn’t worry too much with it if you can’t do this.


Some tips for properly cleaning your brushes

  1. Don’t use hot water when cleaning. It can damage the bristles.
  2. Don’t let water get above the metal part on the brush. It can loosen the glue and ruin your brush!
  3. Get a mat made for cleaning/ scrubbing your brushes. It will make cleaning them much easier!
  4. After squeezing all the water out of your brushes, pat them dry on a microfiber towel to get more water out.
  5. Mold the brushes back to their original shape when drying!