So your on the hunt for brushes. Synthetic vs natural makeup brushes. What is better? is one better?  Synthetic and natural brushes are both very good brushes. Choosing the right brush can make all the difference but, I also believe it just depends on your preference really.

But, here is some things you may or may not know about both types of brushes!

Synthetic brushes.

Synthetic brushes are man made and can be made up of nylon or synthetic fibers. They tend to be flatter and more stiff so you they can be cut into different angles.

They do not have a cuticle in them which makes them really good for your cream and liquids as they do not use a lot of your products! The bristles like to gravitate towards each other and do not spread out so they aren’t the best for blending but they will give you a sharp and precise application!

So, these brushes are good for your foundation, concealer, eyeliner, lipstick..etc.

Synthetic makeup brushes are more hygienic since they do not have a cuticle in them and makeup does not get stuck in them! and some have fibers that have anti-bacterial properties that do not allow bacteria to grow on them!

Maintenance wise you can clean these makeup brushes multiple times and they won’t ruin as easy, won’t shed as much, and they could last for years with some good care! so in the long run you can save some money andblack-and-white-brushes

Natural Brushes..

Natural brushes are made of animal hair usually squirrel, horse, mink, sable, and goat. They are fluffy and a lot softer on the skin.

The bristles have cuticles in them which absorbs the skins oils and picks up powders. The hairs like to spread out rather than stick together so they are great for blending seamlessly. Making them great for powder based products.

Something to be aware of with natural brushes. The bristles are made of animal hair that can cause allergies or reactions. If this happens you should switch your brushes to synthetic!

Maintenance wise these are a little harder to wash since they hold on to the products and they do shed. They also cost a bit more because of the labor and the things that go into making a natural makeup brush.

So, is one better than the other?

I do not believe one type of brush is better than the other. They both have different Characteristics and do different things. They both can make your makeup look flawless. And, you may prefer one over the other. i recommend having one of each if not multiple of each! I love getting new makeup brushes and playing around with them! So go ahead. Play around and find out what works best for you!