If you don’t want a massive collection of makeup brushes or just want a minimal collection then listen up (or read up). hehe. I’m going to give you the top ten makeup brushes that I think you need, and that I know you will love.

Base, foundation, where it all begins!assorted-makeup

Applying your foundation is the most important part. If your foundation doesn’t look good, everything goes downhill. A flat top kabookie brush or a round top buffer brush is the way to go.

I’ve used the flat brushes that kind of looks like paint brushes and those just tend to make everything look streaky and messy! just throw those out the window! But, if that’s your go-to brush and it looks flawless to you, Then, by all means, keep it and transform into the beautiful soul that you are!

P.S. This isn’t a brush. But, it does fall into the foundation category so you get a 2 for 1 in this! They have sponges you can buy and get wet so the double in size to apply your foundation. I HIGHLY recommend you have one of these in your collection. They are fantastic when applying foundation!

The brush to set it all in place – the powder brush

If you’re wanting your makeup to last you longer, not crease, and be as flawless as it can be. Then, you need a good powder brush! I live in Texas so I believe, the bigger the better. haha. Anyways, a large fluffy powder brush is the way to go.

It covers larger areas and it’s faster! I’m a mom of 2 so I believe in being fast! besides, setting your foundation is the boring part of makeup. You don’t want to spend forever on that!

Brows – Because you just need them!

A small angled brush. that’s all I’m going to say.

No, I’m totally kidding but seriously a small angled brush is the way to go. It helps you get in there to create fake hairs in the front and a precise tail and overall great brow so you don’t have these giant bushy ones staring at people when you go out into public.

Everyone needs an eye shadow brush!

Number one. You need a Fluffy blending brush. You can do multiple things with a brush. An important step in doing your eye shadow is blending.

It’s just a staple in my brush collection. I don’t know how I survived without it. I’m telling you, You need this brush.

Number two. A flat definer brush. You can get into small places, and if you’re feeling extra extra and you wanna add a pop of glitter, shimmer or whatever you’re gonna add. This brush will get it in the spot where you want it!

These two brushes together can create an eye shadow look that likes you used multiple brushes!

Contour – get some dimension back to your face.

I have two that I think you need in your set.

Number one. A round, Fluffy contour brush. This one is perfect for those days that you don’t want your contour to be on point and bold. It gives you this pretty, diffused look.

Number Two. A curved contour brush. This one fits right underneath your cheekbone and goes with your natural bone structure. But, I find that it gives you a snatched, on point, bold, while still looking good, contour. Full glam. I LOVE it!

applying-bronzerBring back the color with blush!

For a blush brush. I tend to reach for an angled, more dense brush.

If you didn’t know. A brush that is denser will hold on to the product a lot more. I love how blush looks when I apply with an angled brush. More precise and you don’t have a mess of color all over your face.

Tip. Remember the sponge I told you about earlier? if at any point your blush, contour, or bronzer starts looking crazy. You can go in with the sponge to blend and diffuse the products.

Bronzer – for that year-round glow!

Okay, so for bronzer. A Smaller, powder blending brush, is it. Gives you this gorgeous glow.

You can build the product up if you want a more intense glow or it can give you a beautiful subtle glow. Really up to you what you want. This brush can do both for you though!

The main event – Highlighter brush.

A detailed highlighter brush. This brush will have you GLOWING, no joke. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. This is also one of the brushes I don’t know how I survived without it.

This brush holds the product so well. You barely lose any product with it and it puts the highlighter exactly where you would like it. It will definitely a staple in your collection.